we also give a sh*t about sustainability and ethics! clouded helps your wardrobe AND the planet!

the best way to put it is that we are coming to take over all your fave shops for graphic tees and streetwear. we have the style (if not better) but also the urge to save our Earth and stop the harmful impacts of fast fashion. 

if you could buy high quality graphic tees and streetwear at the same price, but made environmentally and socially conscious, wouldn't you?

as for sustainability, each piece is organic (organic cotton mostly), with some also being PETA-approved Vegan, Fair Wear, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Earth Positive Climate Neutral. the suppliers are an awards winning company for sustainable brands, a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and lots of other sustainable and ethical high profile campaigns (GOTS, etc). our items include those which have a reduced carbon footprint by around 90% through product design, low impact agriculture and use of renewable energy - making these products Climate Neutral.

in terms of ethics, a Fair Share living wage programme has been run for 4 years, policies to ensure no use of child labour, forced labour, legal labour contracts, no discriminate and many more amazing ethical promises. also, for the past three years, the principal factory have been providing free sanitary towels to the female workers to combat Period Poverty! i am proud that my products are sourced ethically, sustainability and making a positive impact on individuals and the planet!

we hold and locally print a small amount of stock to keep waste to a minimum but ensure we always have a continuous stream for your lovely orders! our packaging is also eco-friendly: the postage bags are recyclable in recycle banks and our thank you notes are recyclable and printed on recycled paper - both sourced by eco-conscious companies! we use royal mail which have the lowest reported carbon emissions out of the major UK parcel services. with full transparency, i wish we used paper postal bags or a more environmentally friendly option, but 3 years ago when i started out, it was the most sustainable option i could access and i dont want to create waste - so we are using them up until we can move to something even better! 

a tree is planted with every order through a third-party company. we've got a whole Clouded forest growing ☁️🤍 we have also had the opportunity to invest in the company which im super grateful for.

we also LOVEEE animals - our founder Claud - has been vegan for over 5 years so its super important that we try do as much as we can for the animals with clouded. so far we have donated to a number of environmental and wildlife charities, including the International Otter Survival Fund (because otters are claud's fave). our 'FORCE OF NATURE' tee donates profits to charities so check out the tee! we always want to know the charities that are close to your heart, so please DM us or email us which charities we should look into and donate.

we're also female owned - woop woop!